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We specialize in providing safe, steady rates of return for you through our Defensive Liquid Alternative Strategy.  This is an Absolute Return investment strategy that delivers rates of return, regardless of the direction of the market.

Core Values

We believe in putting our clients' interests first as a fiduciary.   We strongly believe that long-term gains are due to asset preservation and consistency over time; therefore we focus on those results.

Integrity   Our compensation is independent of any investment recommended. 100% of our compensation is fee based. We do not receive commission on any products or transactions, nor do we take any fees on specific fund sales.

Safety      Preservation of capital is imperative, and risk management is at the forefront of our discipline.

Commitment     We know you have worked hard for your assets so we have developed strategies to ensure your assets work hard for you. We employ solid business acumen daily to hit your goals.

Trust      We know clients will only follow the advice of an advisor they trust. Therefore, we work diligently on building trust in every aspect of the client-advisor relationship. We take time to patiently pour over market data to gain insight that will benefit your future.