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                                                            "We focus on capital preservation first and then seek returns on capital."

Clear Stream Advisors runs a proprietary defensive liquid alternative model seeking 6% to 12% targeted returns  Most of the clients portfolio is held in cash with daily liquidity.
The investment management style is an "Absolute Return Strategy" that is non-correlated to market performance giving Clear Stream Advisors' clients an edge aiming to deliver steady returns in up, down or flat markets by selling time premium on indexes.

We offer:

  • Market Neural (non-correlated to stock market or interest rate risk)

  • Tax-Favored returns  (60% LT Capital Gains)

  • Monthly Returns

  • Low Volatility- Standard Deviation less than half of the S&P 500

  • Emphasis on Capital Preservation  (Tail-Risk Protection)

  • Asset held mainly in Cash/ Money Market

  • Daily Liquidity (3-day settlement period)

  • Quantitative Rules based S.H.A.R.P. TM Model  (Stable Holding Absolute Return Program)

  • Fee based management, No commissions

  • SMA (Single Managed Accounts)

Protection: Clear Stream Advisors does not take custody of funds. Client funds are held in an individual SIPC insured brokerage account.
"Our interests our aligned with our clients because we invest in the same financial instruments together, so we eat our own cooking so to speak"

Performance does and can vary by client depending on a number of factors; client goals, client specific holdings, timing of account opening or withdraws, and market conditions. Clear Stream Advisors can provide additional information to potential clients interested in seeing supporting documentation.

* Information presented is past performance which is not a guarantee of future results and in no way should the above be taken as a trend that will continue on a forward going basis. The above is a target goal and not to be implied as a guaranteed return by Clear Stream Advisors, Inc. The investment return and principal value will fluctuate and there is a risk of loss of capital. Investing always involves risk and this is not a solicitation to invest.